Offered Services

Engineering Design and Review
Bredemeyer Engineering can provide product design and review. Our ASME, API & MSS experience provide extensive code compliance knowledge. We are a Texas registered engineering firm.
Failure Analysis
We can provide diagnostic and analysis services for problem areas. We have significant experience in field failures and warranty issues. Since the chronic field problems are typically installation sensitive we readily provide on site analysis.
Application support
Support for maintenance documentation and training, specifications, AVLs and application engineering.
Consulting Expert
Consulting expert service is available for confidential case evaluation.  I can more openly provide advice and opinions with fewer discovery risks than an expert witness.  I can provide assistance in interfacing with your technical expert witness.
Patent Support
With our experience in valve technology, we can provide assistance in prior art review for new patents and infringement issues.
Standards and Directives Compliance
Technical support for demonstrating and achieving compliance to ASME standards, API Standards and Monogram Programs, EU Directives.